Business data exposed over satellite internet

Image of LAN connected by satellite internet

One thinks that satellite internet will be more secure in that data is transmitted to/from the sky and that it must be encrypted to do so. Apparently not. and furthermore, security researchers in the UK were able to spy on satellite data transmissions from a large surface area of the globe many hundreds of miles in any direction with only $350 worth of equipment using low-skilled techniques.

While most of the internet is hardening down with “HTTPS-Everywhere” and SSL on by default, satellite internet seems to be a bit behind in adapting to new threats. But the threat surface is more vulnerable too – many satellite internet users are multinational corporates connecting far flung or remote offices, staff and systems. The amount of sensitive information sent over these channels will be far higher than normal consumer internet browsing so use of VPNs and other source-hardening technology is a must have in these cases.

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